Embracing HR Technology Solutions in the Era of Disruption and Change

Karen Lee

MD, Southeast Asia & Oceania


Heading into 2024, the pivotal role of HR leaders in shaping the trajectory of business strategies is
undeniable. The latest report by Aon, Five Big HR Trends to Watch in 2024, points to a growing trend of harnessing data and analytics to make better workforce decisions.

While the use of human capital data is not new and brings many advantages (e.g. helping organisations design more effective programs), the ability to do so remains elusive and continues to mystify many HR professionals. One of the most common misconceptions is that it requires significant investment and interpreting data is challenging and time consuming.
The reality is that with the rise of remote, hybrid work arrangements and independent contractors, organisations are reassessing their workforce strategies. There is an urgency to focus on enhancing the employee experience by leveraging data to impact future workforce dynamics positively.

Karen Lee, BIPO’s Managing Director for Southeast Asia & Oceania, emphasised, “Embedded within the dataset is a compelling narrative detailing the business’s challenges and pain points.” She elaborated, “These challenges are pivotal opportunities for organisations to enhance efficiency, nurture talent, and foster business growth, establishing a mutually beneficial scenario that propels overall success.”

As HR leaders pivot towards data-driven decision-making, integrating technology solutions becomes paramount. BIPO’s comprehensive offerings, blending automation, analytics, and global workforce management services, emerge as a strategic partner in navigating this transformational journey towards enhanced efficiency and sustainable growth.

About BIPO
Established in 2010 and headquartered in Singapore, BIPO is a global payroll and people solutions provider. Leveraging its SaaS HR Management System (HRMS) to automate HR processes and intuitive Athena BI solutions to generate actionable insights, organisations can also take advantage of BIPO’s Global Payroll Outsourcing and Employer of Record (EOR) services to hire, manage and pay its global workforce in 160+ countries.

With 40+ international offices, BIPO has consistently garnered industry accolades, including the prestigious HR Vendors of the Year – Malaysia awards for

• Best HRMS – Enterprise & SMB (Gold) 2023
• Best Payroll Software (Gold) 2023
• Best EOR Service Provider (Gold) 2023
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Karen Lee

Based in Singapore, Karen Lee joined BIPO in December 2018 as MD, Southeast Asia & Oceania.
An experienced, and dynamic sales professional with 15 years of experience in Regional Business and Partner Management, Karen has a proven track record in sales and growing revenue streams across the region.
Fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, Karen is a graduate of Deakin University, and holds an Master of Business Administration from the University of Birmingham.
• Key contributor to revenue growth across APAC.
• Consistent leader in new logo acquisition.
• Proven track record of surpassing target
• Senior/C Level Relationships with numerous customers/partners across Asia Pacific and beyond.
• Proven track record growing business and turning around business across the region and globally
• Building and growing successful businesses
• Breaking into new customers and selling new solutions
• Growing sales and penetrating new accounts
• Building loyal partnerships that result in major growth of the organization and partner