Reinventing Teaching & Learning: Beyond Technology


25-27 November 2020
9am MYT (GMT +8)


Education in Malaysia is undergoing major transformation. While it is clear that the pandemic has utterly disrupted the education system in the country, the challenges remain on how education institutes continue to focus on traditional academic skills and rote learning, rather than on skills such as critical thinking and adaptability.

The sudden shift has emphasised educators in recognising the critical need for a fluid and well-coordinated curriculum and innovative approach to be adaptable to the new paradigm shift in education for the 21st century that is progressive towards Malaysia’s IR4.0 vision.

This seminar is designed to be an intense, hands on workshop, the first part of the seminar will focus on pedagogical innovations and curriculum design emphasizes evidence-based practice, new imperative to teach and develop a 21st century education: Knowledge (modernized), Skills, Character and Meta-Learning. The second part of the seminar will focus on innovative and emerging learning technologies.

Event Themes


YBrs Prof Madya Wan Zuhainis Saad
Director, Academic Excellence Division, Higher Education Department,

Ministry of Higher Education

An associate professor in Microbiology. Research activities includes drug discoveries from thermophilic fungi and lactic acid bacteria, microbial enzymes technology in biopolymers and pulp and papers.   Awarded patents on isolation and preservation techniques  of thermophilic fungi and enzyme for bioretting of kenaf. Eleven copyrights received for E-learning products, e.g. Mighty Microbes, Big Book of Microbes, Microtopia Land Game Board with Augmented Reality.
An Educational Technology enthusiast. Practices E-learning and active learning approach in enhancing students’ engagement for effective and meaningful learning. A strong advocate of empowering learners in experiential learning. Awarded:

1.Best Trend Setter Award in IUCEL 2017

2.Winner of the Reimagining and Redesigning Higher Education (Virtual Immersive Learning Experience Category) 2017

3.Winner of the National Academic Award (Teaching Award – Pure Science Cluster) 2018

Currently as the Director of Academic Excellence Division, Department of Higher Education, Ministry of Higher Education Malaysia.


Charles Fadel

Founder & Chairman, Centre for Curriculum Redesign, US
Project Director, Harvard's Graduate School of Education

Charles Fadel is a global education thought leader and futurist, author and inventor, with several active affiliations; his work spans the continuum of Schools, Higher Education, and Workforce Development/Lifelong Learning:

Through his 25-year high-tech career, he has witnessed firsthand the disruptive effects of exponential change, which gives him a unique perspective he brings to the world of Education.

Expert Speakers

Prof. Pradeep Nair

Deputy Vice Chancellor & Chief Academic Officer
Taylor's University, Malaysia

Professor Pradeep Nair is the Deputy Vice-Chancellor & Chief Academic Officer of Taylor’s University, Malaysia. A multiple national and international award-winning educational leader, Pradeep focusses on innovation in higher education. He has led numerous institutional turnarounds and pioneered new concepts and ideas to embed “Whole Person Education” in university curricula. In 2018, he successfully implemented the Taylor’s Curriculum Framework (TCF), a bold initiative to transform all degrees to be more humanistic, broad-based, flexible and personalized.

He is a member of the National Curriculum Board for Polytechnics and Community Colleges in Malaysia, the Deputy President of the Malaysian Association of Private Colleges and Universities and the Founding President of the ASEAN Tourism Research Association. 

Prof Eric Hawkinson

Learning Futurist
Associate Professor of Learning and Design Technologies,
Kyoto University of Foreign Studies, Japan

Eric is a learning futurist, tinkering with and designing technologies that may better inform the future of teaching and learning. Eric is president and research coordinator of MAVR, a research group working in immersive technologies for teaching and learning, and more specifically, augmented and virtual realities in language learning. Eric’s day job is at the Kyoto University of Foreign Studies where he teaches courses and conducts research on issues related to technology in tourism and education. Eric also leads a team of interactive media designers for TEDxKyoto. His passion project, ARientation is an award winning, free-to-use, privacy-by-design augmented learning platform to rapid prototype augmented learning environments, also aiming to spread awareness of increasingly aggressive data collection models using immersive technology. Eric’s other projects have included augmented tourism rallies, AR community art exhibitions, mixed reality escape rooms, and other experiments in immersive technology. 


Dr Zahiruddin Fitri

eLearning Head
Academic Enhancement and Leadership Development Centre (ADeC), Universiti Malaya

Dr Zahiruddin Fitri Abu Hassan is a lecturer in Building Surveying at the University of Malaya, Kuala Lumpur. His expertise and research is in building pathology, concrete durability and construction technology. An avid e-Learning advocate, he loves tinkering with computers and exploring new software and web 2.0 tools for education. His passion led the university to appoint him as the Head of e-Learning at the Academic Enhancement & Leadership Development Centre (ADeC).

Benefits of Attending

Be Inspired

Hear from reputable international and regional education leaders, as they share their insights into new technologies, new pedagogies and new opportunities.


Transform your curriculum with new approaches to modern knowledge themes and interdisciplinarity; skills character and Meta-Learning).


Develop an action plan for your institute to make education more relevant, and your offering more impactful, attractive and competitive.


Explore how your institution/organization can partner with higher education institutions/organizations and professional associations for modern age education.


Meet your KPI & Get your certificate of attendance from 21st Learning Skills LLC Institute.


Who Should Attend


  • Vice-Chancellors
  • Deputy Vice-Chancellors
  • Pro-Vice Chancellors
  • Deans
  • Heads of Faculty
  • Heads of Curriculum
  • Heads of e-Learning
  • Heads /Directors of Centres
  • Directors of Research & Planning
  • CEO’s
  • Change Management


  • Principals
  • Deputy/Assistant Principals
  • Heads of Curriculum
  • Heads of e-learning
  • Senior/Head Teachers
  • IT Co-ordinators and Integrators
  • Digital Curriculum Coordinators
  • High Level Administrators
  • Student Experience Heads

Vocational Education & Training Centres

  • Principal
  • Deputy/Assistant Principal
  • Heads of Curriculum
  • Heads of E-Learning
  • Heads of Careers Development
  • Senior Instructors

Public Bodies

Senior representatives from:

  • Ministry for Schools
  • Ministry for Higher Education
  • Secretary for Education
  • Director General Office for Education
  • Curriculum Policy Office
  • Director of Educational Technology
  • Director of Technologies for Learning
  • Examination Boards & Bodies
  • National and International Associations for Education, Higher Education & Teachers Association

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